What is Cloud Storage and what is it used?


Cloud Storage is a data storage system who allows login and use your save on other devices. In addition, your game progress is saved even when the device is damaged. When you are logged in Cloud Storage automatically saves your game progress


 Cloud Storage saves our data, if an Internet connection. If not, our data are stored locally on the device!



Register Cloud Storage Account


To register your account Cloud Storage in the initial menu, select the „Cloud Storage”



Then select „Register




Fill out our data and then click „Register”




Login to Cloud Storage



To Login into your Cloud Storage account in the initial menu, select the „Cloud Storage” then „Login” button


Screenshot_20160715-233528 -1


Fill in your login details and click „Login”

Screenshot_20160715-233528 -112


Forgotten Password



To recover a forgotten password in the Cloud Storage in the initial menu, select „Login” button then the „Forgotten Password”

Screenshot_20160715-233528 -11



Then, we complement e mail address and choose „send e-mail”  If the address is correct, you will get a message with a reminder of our password.