The Pirate: Stories and Notes


Hail to thee Captain!

And welcome to the world of the Caribbean…

You are the captain of your ship, master of your fate. Sail across the West Indies from the late 18th century to the 19th century, and make your fortune as the Empires of the Old World go to war, and the Caribbean witnesses the birth of a new world. Set in a world with real characters and real events, you will witness the rise and fall of great powers as you chart your own course and set your own destiny.

It is a dangerous time, with vessels from the Old World of Europe battling against the ships of the New World, and you get to choose your role and your part in history: Will you accept the commission, and serve as a commander of one of the great fleets of the Atlantic, swearing loyalty to the Crown of England, France, Portugal, Holland or the Republic of France; or will you sell your skill to the emerging power of America, and the new states of South America?

Or will you choose the path of freedom, and be your own freelancer; bowing to no king or government, but serving your own interest as lord of your ship and crew? Or will you raise the black standard of rebellion against all laws, and fly the dreaded flag of the pirate; terrorizing all who fall before your sword and guns, owing nothing to nobody and rising to become one of the great pirate lords of the West Indies?

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is set in the Caribbean from the year 1768 to the end of the 19th century, and is based on true historical events. The most realistic sailing simulation ever conceived, it is the one and only game set in the glorious age of sail where players may command an unlimited fleet of ships, and engage with AI-controlled governors and ports, as well as other players in real-time player versus player combat. With a trading system that allows you to amass huge fortunes that you may spend as you like, building ports and fortresses of your own, and adding glory to your illustrious name. Sail across the Caribbean on more than twenty types of ships of all classes and sizes – from sleek sloops to mighty warships brimming with guns. Sail to ports all over the region, from the East coast of Florida to the coast of Brazil. Battle against other pirates and privateers, as well as enemy ships of foreign nations that would try to destroy you if they could. Undertake daring escort missions, and risk your life to rescue towns in distress and in need of aid. And beware of the sails on the horizon Captain- are they friends or foe? In this world of thieves and cutthroats, one wrong judgement will make all the difference between life and death!

In a world of risk and danger, you, captain, are the only one who decides your fate – will you take the challenge and rise to rule the seas? Then sharpen your cutlass and prime your guns! The Caribbean awaits you Captain, and it is yours to conquer! Yaaar!

Farish A Noor